Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Internship in Vancouver

So flew into Vancouver last Thursday and on Friday went to Panavision to start prepping cameras and loading equipment into the camera truck. The movie I am working on is called Mirabilis and it’s a heroic/adventure type movie.

There are about twenty five different departments. I am working with the camera department. It is pretty amazing how so many different departments can come together and make everything work out in the end.

I pretty much assist the camera people carrying things and changing lenses, batteries, tapes etc. Also, hang out with the director or photography and ask him about the look that he goes for in shots. The people I work are great and I am enjoying the experience, even though it can get pretty exhausting as the days are usually around 13 hours and one is standing most of the time.

The first week we shot some scenes in Squamish which is about an hour outside the city. Vancouver has great scenery for movies. I will write more about the details of my job in the next coming weeks.

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