Monday, July 14, 2008

The Prettiest Baby

Hey everyone! Still interning away, can you believe that we might all actually get paid for this stuff someday? I don't think I could handle it. Just kidding! Anyways, things are still going well at CCTV. I'm really pumping up my work on the nonprofit broshures, so I can finish as many as possible before I leave. I've been having fun creating graphics and lower thirds that match these organizations' existing logos.

I did another concert with the live truck this week, and also helped to cover the Marion County Fair. The "Pretty Baby Contest" was probably the most hilarious part of that whole event. They had a guest judge from All My Children and everything. It's my own personal opinion that dragging babies out in the sun to be judged on their looks is probably some sort of child abuse, but it made for some really cute television.

I also helped to cover Salem's annual Art Invitational. I met the mayor and had a good time trying to make all of the art look as pretty on camera as it did in real life. Have a good week all my RTV friends, I miss you guys!

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