Friday, July 25, 2008

Funnel Cakes!!

Hey everyone!!

So we are right in the thick of production this week--and it's pretty exciting. We are doing trial runs for all the 9 different locations and only have 2 more to do next week. So once those are all shot, we are going to start the editing process to see if our transitions work and if it's possible. We are doing a lot of after effects tricks in switching locations and such, so it's a lot of post work but very fun none the less.

And we got funnel cakes this week at work, just for fun. It was awesome.

Exciting news--the director of 2100 offered me a job when I graduate, so if I want to move to Madison in May I will have a job here waiting. Very exciting--we will just have to see what the year brings and decide if this is what I want to do.

That's all for now. Two weeks to go!!

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