Monday, July 7, 2008

Ah the monotony, must be a Monday

After a long boring weekend, it was a long boring Monday at KPAX. For the second day in a row, the entire show was built and done by four, leaving an hour and a half until showtime. All the keys, and the few graphics were easily made in an hour. For the ten, everything but a few things were done by four, and those not done were easily so by nine. At least I'm perfecting my crossword puzzle skills considering all the free time I have anymore! Then at ten tonight, the opening SOT didn't work, opening on a green wall instead of the two shot with Mark and Jill. Why, I don't know. I didn't even mess with the preset like I do most nights. The joy of technology. AT least Jeff, the weatherman provided some amusement. During the shot of Polson (a sailboat in Flathead Lake) he mentioned the last time he went sailing, the sailboat he was on sunk a week latter. "But that was okay," he said, "my friend had insurance." Leave it to Jeff to make weather the only enjoyable segment of the night. Hope everyone's holiday went well. I almost had a chance to see Obama in person, but Secret Service decided the parade route was too risky, so he didn't walk in it. But he was in my hometown. Ya Butte!!!


Breanna Roy said...

hey, i thought only Toni opened up to Green! Don't let it happen again, Sam!

I love hearing your KPAX updates, and I miss Jeff's weather. These midwest meteorologists are just TOO SERIOUS! (maybe b/c it's tornadoes and floods, but c'mon!)

See ya next month!

Breanna Roy said...

oh, and like your crossword skills could be perfected ANY MORE!
you might as well tell me you're brushing up on your jeopardy, too! :P