Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another week

How was everyones 4th. This has gone by really fast!!! Anyway, I just finished an edit and it is going back to Jerry today. I have a chance to make a highlight of a wedding to post on jerry's website. I am going to be learning how to do that today. I think that it should be helpful because I am guessing that it will be simular to the way we will be posting our work on the um news website. I hope that it will be fun and that I will do alright. The point of a highlight is to give the couple, friends and family a chance to take a look at the wedding before it is completely edited. Jerry usually doesn't do highlights. He usually does them when for example people have a ceremony on one day and the rehersal on a different day. This way it is used to give an example. I think it is a really good idea because it not only lets the client see the work so far it also allows future clients to see the work that Cloudbreak has to offer. I will see if I like editing the highlight today, wish me luck!
Hope everyone is doing well, see you soon.


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