Friday, May 30, 2008

Week Two - Jazzercise

Hello everyone! It is great to hear that you're all doing really well at your respective internships. Now don't go and get so comfortable that you decide not to come back in the fall.

This week has been a very fun one for me. First of all I had Monday off, always a nice beginning. On Tuesday when I came in one of our producers had me run a camera for an aerobics show they were doing in the studio. Wow can those old ladies move! I'm hoping to produce a show like this sometime during the course of my internship.

I have continued editing, and have finished a couple of projects now. I've been assigned to help Wendy Brokaw, a producer here, with some non-profit video brochures. Wendy is great, and used to work as a news producer/reporter in California. These video brochures are each 3-5 minutes long, and will be a summer-long assignment for me. These non-profit organizations are excited to have a free, but professional, promotional video, and I'm excited to have an opportunity to give something back to the community with my work.

I also had the opportunity to sit in on one of CCTV's bi-monthly production meetings this week. At these meetings they make assignments and decide what equipment will be sent where during the coming weeks. It has been fascinating to see this process. As a bonus, everyone I work with is a blast, so the meeting was funny and engaging.

Later today I'm off to set up for a softball tournament, and this weekend I finally get a chance to work with the production truck! Have a good week everyone!

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