Friday, May 23, 2008

Greetings from Wisconsin!

Hey everyone!

Looks like Friday is the official posting day--so I might as well jump on board. . .

So I have been at work here at 2100 Productions for 3 days now and it is going very well. I have a nice little corner cube with two other interns (that will be here next week) and I have had fun pretending to be a grown up and decorating it. It feels like I am playing house. Anyway--the first days I toured a lot and met a ton of people. Everyone here is super friendly and I have been so warmly welcomed. They had a sign at the front desk on my first day welcoming me and I haven't had to buy lunch yet.

As far as work goes, as soon as I got past the paperwork, I have started logging some tapes. They had a project deadline come up on them pretty fast and didn't have time to log the tapes for the archives. So I have been doing that for most of today. I have to work on transcribing them Tuesday and then the editing begins. I will be working on short testimonies of students in InterVarsity that the staff will use. It's been fun going around and meeting the rest of the crew and seeing what other projects are going on.

Madison frickin' rocks and I love living right on two lakes. So green and so pretty here. I can't really complain so far and can't wait for the rest of the summer. It was fun to read your updates as well--hope everyone else's first weeks went well.


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