Friday, May 30, 2008

Script writing

Hey guys! It's so cool to hear what everyone else is doing. Glad you are all doing well. Life here in Madison is still good. The other two interns made it here, one is from Oregon and the other is from Virginia, so it's nice to have company back in our little intern cave as we have so affectionately named it.

I have finished writing the script for the student testimonies that I will start editing next week. We have a "show and tell" every week where we show what we are working on and get feedback, (it's definitely a team effort/environment here) so next week my four scripts will be on the chopping block and I'll see what they say and then start editing accordingly. The team is currently working on a set of multi-ethnic stories of various InterVarsity chapters and it was fun to see them and their progress. As college students, the other interns and I are pretty much the target audience for these videos so they really respect our opinions and listen to what we say. So that is pretty cool.

I was also asked to go with the production team to Indianapolis for an IV conference there to help with the audio/tech side of things. So I am stoked that they asked me and I am excited to travel down there and help out how I can.

Things are pretty slow now. Just helping out where I can becasue they are in the middle of a project right now, but soon I will get my time to edit and start shooting some things for the next line of videos. I have spent some time watching some of their old stuff that they produced earlier in the year and it's been helpful to watch those and learn their editing style and how they approach story-telling.

So things are going well--I am enjoying living in America's Dairy Land and all the perks that go along with it. I'll check in next Friday!


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University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

It sounds like you're doing good work. Keep it up!