Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paige's first three weeks... in a wrap

Hello everyone,

Paige Browning here from good ol' Spokane. I have been interning for a few weeks here at KHQ-TV. I finally figured out the website for this blog, so will start my postings a little late... Anyways, I have learned a ton already about how a newsroom is run from reporting to producing, directing, photography, updating the web, and all the smaller jobs in between. For the most part I follow reporters each day and practice editing their stories. I am starting to write my own versions of the stories now which I will edit and hopefully start posting soon.

Since I will be a Junior in the program next year, I really didn't know a lot about the newsroom coming into my internship. I am so much more comfortable now with how things are run! This week I will start doing more hands on work than just following reporters and producers. Today I went out with reporter Cindi Dehoog. For her two stories she is doing a vo-sot and a package. I wrote my own version of each, and will go into edit them myself when I get a chance. Pretty cool stuff here at KHQ!

Enjoy the summer. Ps: everyone should watch the Spokane Shock game this weekend... I get to help with photography at the event! (but seriously, why does Spokane love indoor football so much?)

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