Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Couple Days

Hey Guys!

I officially started my internship at KHQ in Spokane yesterday (Saturday). I met everyone who works on the weekends and headed to Coeur D' Alene and Caltado with their weekend anchor Poala and photog Dave to check the flooding status. When we got back to the station I watched the interviews and wrote a package on the flooding, for some practice. Then I went out with Poala and Dave for Poala's live shots for the 5pm and 6pm shows.

Today, (Sunday) I hung out at the assignment desk for part of the day with the producer Jade and weekend assignment guy Jared. I wrote about eight vo's 4 for the 5pm news and 4 for the 6pm. I also went through and interview and did a vosot for the 5pm news. Then I went out for paola's live shots and that was pretty much my day.

Soon I will do live shots and stand-ups on the stories the reporters are working on just so I can have them for a resume tape. I'll also write and edit packages, vo's, and vosot's to get some experience. Along with writing some vo's and vosot's for the news.

Spokane is good, not a whole lot going on but soon the lake water should be down and then it'll be time to hit the lake! Hope everyone's having lots of fun!

Oh Ray, Jeff is on vacation until Tuesday I think then I'll have him sign my papers and fax them over...Thanks!

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