Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First Week!

Hey Blogger Buddies!

So Today is my third day at KPAX in Missoula. On my first day I went to Hamilton and covered floods. I got to take a few pictures and look around. Yesterday I wet to Ronan and Polson to do some updates on stories with one of the reporters. I pretty much just tag along with the reporters right now to become more familiar with the process of making stories. They even let me shoot some footage so that's been fun! The cameras are tape less and really awesome quality so that's fun!
We just got called out on a Car in the River. When we got there it turned out that a guy got out of his truck to get some pictures of the river and his truck rolled into the raging waters! The guy was shaken up but unharmed! I felt bad for him. The police could not find the truck so they are just going to wait until the water goes down and the car resurfaces, or until someone spots it.
Poor guy!

I'll keep ya updated on life at KPAX.

Take care all!



Breanna Roy said...

Fun! Who've you been working with?

University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

Sounds like a busy first few days. Keep working hard. Good job.