Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Week Two!

Hello again everyone!

Soooo I've got to do some fun things lately. Yesterday I went to Pablo MT to cover Hillary Clinton's speech. It was outside and the weather was beautiful so that was a plus! I was going to go with Jill Valley and watch the one-on-one with Hillary but the other reporter on the scene asked if I wanted to conduct the interviews of the people who attended the event. Of course I jumped on that and the first lady I interviewed ended up in tears! I didn't make her cry I swear!!! She was just really moved by what Hillary had to say. I interviewed about 5 or 6 people and a lot of their sound bites made it on the news at 10! That was exciting. It ended up being a 12 hr day so I am truly getting to experience the life of a reporter;)

I like what I'm doing because they pretty much send me with the most interesting stories everyday! I went to a crime lab today and got to see what they do to catch criminals with just a drop of DNA. I also attended fire training today to be prepared for Montana's fires. It's nice to be introduced to all of the officials in case I ever need to interview them. Whenever breaking news comes across the scanner they all look at me and ask if I want to partake! It's a blast! I am already starting to decide what kind of news I want to go into. I feel like I've learned a lot and it's only my second week! Everyday I sit in the control room or in the studio to watch the 5:30 news. It's comforting to see how relaxed everyone is! They really don't ever seem stressed on set. Surprisingly!!!

Everyone is really nice and they all let me shoot and interview so it's teaching me a lot! This is my first summer staying in Missoula and although the weather has been a little too rainy lately its been beautiful otherwise. I love the farmers market and how the downtown is always filled with people walking around and hanging out. I know many of you are used to Missoula in the summer but I am definitely loving it! I have been biking everywhere when I'm not working just enjoying the town in spring! All the trees are green or blossoming! It's so pretty!!! Well that's about it.

Have fun doing what you're all doing!!!


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