Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Starting Soon

Hey Guys,
Stacy here, doing my first blog. It's soo exciting to se the blogs of those of you who have already started your internships. Congrats everyone!

My update is that my internship will officially start Tuesday, June 3rd and run until mid-August. This Friday my little brother will accompany me on the dreaded 11 hr drive from Salt Lake City to Denver.

I picked KMGH (ABC Denver News) because for the first third of my internship I get to rotate through 7 positions (ie: reporting, producting, researching, online news, etc.) and for the next 2/3rds I get to specialize in my favorite couple of areas. I predict that I will specialize in Reporting and Producing, as those are the areas I am currently most interested in.
The internship coordinator (Robin) sounds really passionate on the phone and she specifically requested to be the intern coordinator at KMGH because she loves fresh faces. This is a relief because I don't want to be an annoyance if I can help it.

Ray, I'll send you the learning agreement that first week. Do you have a fax # you'd like me to send it to? or should I snail-mail it?

Wish me Luck!

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