Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hallo Hallo!

Hoy Everyone!

It's yer ol' chap Dan speakin' at ya from the heart of Ireland!

Wow, it sounds like we're all going to have some great summers-feels like we're getting pretty close to that real world stuff.

I've only been in Dublin city for six days at this point, but I already feel very much at home. Those of you who have been to Ireland know- the people are the friendliest you'll EVER meet. The ability of the average man on the street to strike up genuine conversation and make you feel welcome is nothing short of extraordinary. The country is beautiful as well--The green here hurts my eyes.

It's good that I love it so much because the price of things is astronomical...

As for my internship I couldn't expect more out of these first few days. The employees (typically Irish) at Loopline have done a great job making this Calendar Boy American seem like part of the team. The atmosphere is refreshingly open, and the passion for good, important filmmaking is quite apparent. 
I did require a bit of job acquaintance on the first day, but not anything extreme because frankly, we didn't really know what I was going to do outside of some major projects down the road a few weeks. But with a staff of around six people, tasks soon began to flood in. This week I am helping create a year long wall calendar which clearly displays every funding request deadline and film festival which Loopline could possibly benefit from WORLDWIDE!! It's a huge but very educational job.
I already have started logging and making notes on tape (certainly know how to do that...quite well) and yesterday I went on my first shoot! I watched over equipment and helped out as producer Sé Merry Doyle interviewed a very famous Conceptual Artist, Patrick Ireland.

Patrick Ireland is very very well known in both Ireland and the U.S. (his home for 30 years or more). His real name is Bryan O'Doherty but he had gone by the name of Patrick Ireland following Bloody Sunday in Ireland in 1972. He vowed to go by this name until peace was formed between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Anyhow this week was monumental in that Bryan O'Doherty effectively killed Patrick Ireland, feeling a suitable peace has been reached between the north and south. He  buried a likeness of himself in an actual grave with a real headstone (saying Patrick Ireland 1972-2008) here within Dublin City, and retook the name Bryan O'Doherty. The New York Times was there, and several other documentarians. Loopline is talking with an American Filmmaker to do a collaborative film profiling this man. The project, like Ireland itself, is fascinating to me.

I'll write again, naturally next week. Enjoy your Summers everyone, and let's all get as much use out of these internships as we can.



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