Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Can Shoot Your Own Stuff?

KELO just lost their only weekend reporter, so last Saturday I got to go out on my own and shoot, write, edit my own package.

On Sunday, I got my chance again. Only this time, no one could do an interview on a South Dakota education committee (Memorial Day weekend-not many people are in the office) so I got my first lesson in conducting a "phoner" and using file video. I also edited my first package using tape-to-tape (i'd cut a few sports highlights back at KPAX on it, but never a whole package)
The weekend anchor/producer, Lou, had me introduce it live at six (and i think i have a lot to learn about being live..)

Money they sent me south to Yankton, SD, (1 hour, 20 minute drive) for the Memorial Day celebration. Only I was late and had to improvise by going to the VFW.

Tuesday I stayed close and did a story on absentee voting in the primary.

I love how I'm just thrown into into it. Most the reporters here work with their own photographer on every story and don't have to edit, but since I know how, they let me. They all tell me to get my face in the stories as much as possible so the community begins to recognize me. My reporting rotation ends Sunday and I'll begin the producing one.

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