Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here's Where You Are!

Hi everyone. Sorry I'm a couple of days late but we're finally up and going to the summer internship season. I'm excited with the places you all are going and the things you'll be experiencing. Here's where I think you are:

Natalie Neumann--Barrett Productions, Missoula
Stacy Gray--KMGH-TV, Denver, Colo.
Breanna Roy--KELO-TV, Sioux Falls, So. Dak
Greg McDonald--KECI-TV, Missoula
Owen Brown--Buddah Jones Trailers, Los Angeles, Calif.
Rob Norton--Ignition LA, Los Angeles, Calif.
Lauren Pedrick--Barrett Productions, Missoula
Alex Krigsvold--Undecided, Missoula
Marianne McCormick--KHQ-TV, Spokane, Wash.
Cody Munson--Barrett Productions, Missoula
Byron Norris--Fox Sports Net-Northwest, Seattle, Wash.
Melissa Berry--2100 Productions, Madison, Wisc.
Dan Boyce--Loopline Films, Dublin, Ireland
Holly Baker--The Late, Late Show, Los Angeles, Calif.
Ally Weller--KPAX-TV, Missoula
Paige Browning--KHQ-TV, Spokane, Wash.
Alison Scheel--ABC's "Wanna Bet?", Los Angeles, Calif.
Liam Scholey--Rhi Entertainment, TBD
Noel Pederson--CCTV, Salem, Ore.
Teal Kenny--Cloudbreak Films, San Diego, Calif.
Samantha Bury--KPAX-TV, Missoula
Amanda Shuler--Seattle Mariners, Seattle, Wash.
Kelly Hanson--Seattle Mariners, Seattle, Wash.
Badria Al-Abdullah--Griz Country radio, Missoula

I hope you all have a good time. Please send weekly updates, post pictures of you at your station or production house and post links so we can see your work if it's posted on-line. We all want to see what you're getting to do this summer.

Don't forget to register and pay for RTV 490. If I don't have you on my list by the end of the month, I will be dropping you from internship consideration.

Don't forget to send in your internship learning agreement the first week you're at your internship. Dan Boyce--good job. You're the furthest away and the first to get it in. Thanks.

Enjoy your summer and keep in touch.

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