Monday, June 14, 2010

Second Week at KECI

Hey again all,

So the first week at KECI was pretty fun. On Friday, we went out and shot a commercial for a place on West Broadway that makes fireplaces (was actually in Frenchtown), and then we went to Caras Nursery and Landscaping and shot some stock footage for a commercial they have planned for next year. We also went and shot a reporter standup earlier in the week, and we are doing another one for the same reporter today. After that, we're going to a meeting with Planned Parenthood to shoot a commercial for them, and then we are shooting something for Missoula Textiles on Wednesday. Soon, we're going to shoot footage for our 4th of July promo with both Mark and another reporter. Kind of busy, kind of not.

Our computer with the only tape logger on it crashed this morning and we can't get it to come back up. They got it in 1999, so it was a bit inevitable. We're just trying to keep restarting it to hope for the best because a commercial that Scott and I edited on was saved to it and we might lose the entire thing if we can't access the hard drive again. You know, kind of like when ISIS dies! I showed one of the guys down here how to put an automatic electronic signature on his e-mail this morning...then went to a sales meeting on what's going on this week. Everyone here is very fun to work with and they seem to let me do whatever I want to help them out.

Until next time,


University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

I hope you'll post one of the spots you've had the chance to work on. I'm sure KECI won't mind but make sure you ask. Glad to hear they're keeping you busy. Keep working hard.

Drew Stanley said...

I will do so. We just edited a commercial for Garden City Plumbing and Heating, but I think they've already sent it out. I'll try to get a picture soon.