Saturday, June 12, 2010

Heading to Seattle!

Heading to Seattle! So I haven't actually started my internship, but it's going to be sort of a whirlwind (Since I have to move all my stuff and find a place to live and try to navigate my way through Seattle traffic) so I decided to just do my informational post now. I'm doing my second internship at King 5 in Seattle, it's the NBC station there and I'll be working on a new show called 'New Day Northwest.' It's a news talk show that shoots live every Monday-Thursday mornings. It's going to be a really awesome experience because I'll be working with only eight other people, and they already have stuff lined up for me to do. I'll be organizing audience members and also greeting guests to the show. They also want my help with pitching and researching segment ideas for the show so I've already started to make lists of story ideas. The people I interviewed with were really excited that I knew how to edit on Final Cut, so I'll probably be logging tape and what not, hopefully my skills aren't too rusty! I'm really excited/scared out of my mind to move to Seattle on my own TOMORROW. That's all for now!


Drew Stanley said...

Good luck, Jamie!

University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

You should have some interesting stories to tell us about the show and the people. Please send us links or post video or pictures if you have the chance. Have fun, good luck and work hard.