Monday, June 7, 2010

First day at KECI

Hey lovelies,

So today was my first day at KECI. The whole commercial production crew is really, really laid back, so that's awesome. I found out that the first commercial I get to help shoot is with Missoula Textiles, and one odd thing about it is my boss and my coworker from the Hilton are both going to be in the commercial. It's going to feel great getting to order him around for once.

Today I got to KECI and there wasn't much going on, so I just logged some tapes and then helped one of the editors write a script for the store Stitches' upcoming commercial. Spoiler alert! We decided to go with a '50s style commercial with a little Grease Lighting action. After that I started editing the commercial for Garden City Heating and Plumbing, which was hard to do since the client wanted to shoot them having a meeting with no audio. Not much to work with there.

Hope everyone's having a great summer, and I'll post more to come.


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