Monday, June 14, 2010

First Two Weeks

Well Aspect Ratio has been fun, but a little slow. Being a runner is a great intro job to L.A because you get familiar with your surroundings really fast. For instance I know the best routes now to get to the Disney lots in Burbank. I still feel a little nervous going out on them by myself, but I should have the routine down by the end of this week. Sill don't have clearance to go onto Warner lots, they are very picky of who gets on them. 
 Last week I got to watch a few films the editors had been working on. Can't say the name of the film that I watched, but we'll just say it's going to be out in November, and has two very big movie stars in it,  one of whom directed it. It was interesting to see how they cut it into a trailer, what scenes they used, and what kind of an angle they chose to sell the film with. Considering the film I watched would be a very hard sell, the editor did a terrific job. I'm interested to see what kinds of films they'll have coming through this summer since they are nearly finished with their big summer tent pole projects, one of these being doing the T.V spots for The Last Airbender, and Jonah Hex. 

So far I've had  a lot of Montana contacts in this city. A friend of mine from MSU who works for Disney Animation invited me to a screening of Toy Story 3, and after I went to a little get together that she threw for MSU students new to l.a. It was fun to catch up with my old classmates from MTA. Many of the MSU students didn't have gigs lined up before coming down here so I was very thankful that the RTV department was able to give me a hook up. 

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University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

Glad to hear your making contacts with MT folks but the CA folks will get you more jobs. Keep asking questions and making yourself a hardworking guy who can get things done. Then you'll find work anywhere. I've got some UM contacts if I didn't already give them to you. Glad to hear you're learning about LA. Keep working hard.