Sunday, June 27, 2010

KECI 6/27/2010

Hey all,

So here's a picture of me editing a commercial for Missoula Textiles, and thanks to my coworkers that decided to surprise me with a picture yet again. Last week we went out and shot a few things for stock footage, and then another news promo. They are planning on letting me do a lot more things on my own next week, they just couldn't in the past few weeks because of contracts, their own projects they are getting paid solely for, etc. I also finished up helping the control room with their switch graphics, so everything is working there, and I learned a little bit on how to program the parts in a switcher to allow you to create your own scrolling graphics on an LED screen.

Two side notes: I turned 21 this weekend, so I've been a bit preoccupied with that, although I don't even work at KECI on the weekends. Also, I found this wonderful link that some of you might already be privy to. It's a page on Facebook that alerts you of production jobs around the States, and it seems to be pretty effective!

For those of you in Missoula right now, enjoy the sun while you can!



University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

You're getting to be an old man at 21. I hope you made it to work the next day. Scott says you've learned to focus. I'd punch him if I were you. Keep working hard.

Drew Stanley said...

Oh I turned 21 on Friday, so it was no problem. Scott would know...I'll punch him anyway.