Friday, June 4, 2010

The Portland Mercury

Sooooo, kinda last minute I landed a small internship with The Portland Mercury. It's similar to the Independent; Portland's art and culture paper (pretty wacky if the cover didn't already exude that). I'm working in "Production" with them, but it just entails helping with the design of the paper. I just do corrections on the pages to speed up the process, it's identical to the Kaimin, except worse computers... The environment is super incredibly laid back. Which is kinda nice, because I was checking out my schedule for France, and it's pretty intense.
On another note, Sheya and I just got dinner yesterday, I love to see anyone else who wants to visit Portland! I leave for France in three weeks! I'll keep ya'all updated!



University of Montana Radio-Television Department said...

I'm glad you and Sheya got together. You both sound like you'll have a great time in Portland. Oh and you get to go to France--I almost forgot. Have fun and work hard.

erin said...

Awesome Alison!! you little go getter..two internships and all!