Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh the joys of working in a bureau

I just found out that they are moving the reporter that I am interning under up to Great Falls for 10 days. They are going to be permanantely moving her there soon. That means I am alone in the bureau, and all on my own!

I had my first day in the office by myself today. I wrote, shot and edited three stories (vosotvo). So much for the days of one package a week! I covered a pro life rally, and a waterslide closure at the water park, and did a firework safety piece. You can check them all out online at

I am really getting hands on experience, I am working completely independently. Working in a bureau is much different than working in a newsroom. I set my own schedule, and have very little contact with the station. I call into the station in the morning, then go do my stories and have to have them sent up to Great Falls by 5pm for the 5:30 show.

The Helena Bureau contributes a lot to the newscast for only having one news reporter. Christina (the reporter I have been interning under) often contributes 3-5 stories, which ends up being about 30% of the newscast. As a beginner I thought contributing 3 stories for the rundown today was pretty good!

The downfalls of working in a bureau, are you get the crappy equipment, the least amount of feedback and often feel lonely working in a office alone.

That wraps up my weekly summary... hope everyone else is doing well.
Here is a link to the pack I did today on Search and Rescue

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kheser said...

Your summer sounds awesome! I hope you are having a blast - it sounds like you are getting some awesome experience.