Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3d week at ABC Missoula

Hi everybody. It's the beginning of the 3d week of my internship at ABC station. We are launching 4 more FOX stations, so it's been really busy here. Last week I worked on ABC promos and Craney award promo in Final Cut Pro. It is on the air already. I also had to learn about very important and tedious process-traffic on TV. So I had to go through the traffic to put my promo on TV for 15 days.

Then I worked at Master Control, I captured commercials from server that picks up the satlellite signal to the main feeding system. I worked on a new software NXOS, it is editing software for capturing and trimming short segments. My supervisor and people in the department tell me a lot about media world from inside out and I am getting more and more familiar with the network business which is really cool.

Next thing I did was shooting baseball games at Missoula Osprey!!!I went there with our sports reporter Varun who also showed me Velocity editing software which he usually uses for editing sports. This weekend, hopefully, we will get second camera and shoot together and so I will be able to edit my own shots at Velocity.


madkiwi said...

If you know what the new Fox digital broadcast channel is, please share.

Dariga said...

Sure! it is 23.2 and it is available through cable network but not on dish.