Monday, July 6, 2009

2 week at ABC

Hi people! It's really nice to work at ABC station, seriously! And I've never seen Missoula in such bright colors and I am glad to stay here this summer (I've always went back home for summer).

Anyway, week 2 has started, and it's going to be really busy. I will be directing "The Wake Up Show" on Wednesday and work on commercial for Wingate Hotels. I have to write a script with a complete shot list, audio and other kind of sound/video effects, go for a shoot and edit it, plus I will be creating graphics and lower thirds. Later this week I will work on graphics for the Wake Up show.

Last week I digitized big analog tapes from Family Guy, Deal or No Deal and other daily shows, I edited their promos and tagged them for the upcoming week. I met with the clients for Wingate commercial and also I went for couple of other meetings with clients to show them commercial products that were made the week before I started my internship. It was really nice to be involved in different stages of commercial making business. Also, I was a camera operator for the Wake up show and I helped with creating the set. My supervisor told me that this week I will be working in control room for the show. The latest thing I worked on is a promo for one of our creative services producer James Sally who won E.B. Craney award and 1st place in TV station promotions. Yahoo!

I hope everybody enjoyed 3-days weekend and 4th of July!

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