Monday, July 27, 2009

5th week..almost there!

Hi everybody! My boss is in Vegas attending FOX promotions conference. Basically, he will go through shows that FOX will be producing and everything that has do with FOX. After that we will be launching new promos for FOX here in Missoula. By the way, its new cable channel is "2" and it is KTMF 23.2.

While my supervisor is away for 2 days I am working with the commercial producer and helping him out with shootings in field and studio. My favorites are studio shoots because we use different set of lighting which makes a huge difference in post-production. Also, last week we had a shoot in Hamilton, Montana. We were driving there with no idea what the client wants, it was sort of writing a script on-the-go. There, we met a client from Maverick group and she asked us to make a commercial for Hamilton Downtown association. It was random, but very fun and creative. We didn't have enough time to think about shots/composition/cuts...we just shot whatever we thought would be cool and interesting to work with in Adobe Premier. Also, I have shot and edited a little animation and now I am exploring endless possibilities of AFTER new addiction:)

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