Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey all! I hope everyone's internships are going well!

I havent had a chance for an update yet. At both places we have been non-stop busy with Michael Jackson coverage. At KCOY, it’s been story after story about the local impact...blah blah blah. Don’t get me wrong, it is sad, and he did live here for 20 years, but come on people! A lady I interviewed at Neverland Ranch was saving a piece of pizza for Michael incase he came back!! I have been out to the ranch three times now to get interviews and broll for packages. I can’t even explain to you all the media frenzy there! Reporters from all over the world were there, and I mean from everywhere! I met some prima-donna reporters from LA and some not so nice guys from the AP, and some really nice Japanese and Australian reporters. It was cut throat out there for live-shot coverage and interviews. I shot a cool standup outside the gates of Neverland in front of all the other reporters and tons of fans, which was pretty intimidating. I will have about three packages all said and done on MJ.

At the Sheriff's Department it is the same situation, completely different experience. The S.D. raided the ranch in 2003/2004, so some people weren’t the kindest to us. However, since they were in charge of security at the ranch, I got to see some pretty cool things. I was able to be the first camera allowed behind the gates before all the networks scheduled time to go live for their shows. I even got to meet Matt Lauer as he landed secretly in his helicopter for the Today Show. It was pretty weird when I would take the camera out of the gates to get broll for the department. Everyone would film me because they thought I was of importance since I allowed inside the gates. People were seriously going nuts. I will put pictures up soon!

Other than all this drama, I have been learning a lot here. At KCOY I am being sent out with photogs to report, and have a large role in writing and editing stories for the newscasts. I have also been able to produce the weekend shows too. I have been shooting stand-ups on every story I go to, which is really making me think on my feet!

At the S.D. I have shot more stories on the gun and taser training. I have an upcoming story where I get to go up in a helicopter with the dive team and shoot them jumping out into the water for water rescue training. I also went to the courthouse to get video for a story about Jesse James Hollywood, who is facing the death penalty, and did a stand-up there too. He is who the movie Alpha Dog is based on. The S.D. has been a nice change from the newsroom. Getting out and shooting these stories are completely different than the hard news stories at KCOY. I think they are both benefitting me in different ways.

Other than working 50 hours a week, I have managed to have a little fun. I have been going to the beach and working on my tan :) I am going wine tasting soon, which I can’t wait for!

I am excited to hear more from everyone! I can’t believe summer is half-way over!

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