Thursday, August 7, 2008

Training My Replacement

So I'm training one of the guys to td. And its frustrating me so much. Not only do I not get to do anything but fix his mistakes, but it doesn't seem like he gets ANY of it. He's only been watching me td since he started working at the beginning of the summer, but he doesn't have a clue on where things are even though he's been seriously watching and training for the last few weeks. Urgh! Its not like anything has changed over this time. Its the same buttons, same preset numbers, same commands and sequences for both shows day in and day out. He still really doesn't have a clue on most of it, and I'm not going to be there to fix everything for him when he starts by himself next week. Again, so frustrating. And he's also real slow and taking and dissolving and.... basically everything. I know I had my issues when I was learning, but I swear I knew more than he does by this point and time. Any little change and he gets to flustered to do anything. So I will quit ranting now, though I could probably rant for forever at this point. I wish he would figure it out so I can go back to tding by myself. I miss pressing all the shiny buttons!!

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