Thursday, August 7, 2008

Practice Anchoring

Today was my third time practice-anchoring. I’ve taped it all 3 times and while anchoring is still more of a challenge for me than singing or acting on stage, I definitely see improvements in my performance each time. I can not stress enough how important it is to practice reading scripts out loud before taking a seat in that anchor chair! I’ve been finding the best clips to put into a sequence, just in case I need to use them as anchoring examples on my resume tape.

I’ve also made a montage with clips of my best stand-ups and teases. One of my favorite stand-ups is the one I did on the news station’s roof, announcing that it was the 18th straight day of temps 90 and above –tying a record set back in 1901-

They just released the tickets for Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field (where the Broncos play!) where he'll accept the democratic nomination... it's happening while he's here for the DNC (democratic national convention) An interesting twist is that they've reserved 1/5 of the tickets for Coloradans and 2/3 for people from Northwestern states... some people in New York are pissed! And everyone who buys a ticket must be able to show proof that they CAN DEFINITELY ATTEND (aka: they must have a place to stay all lined up, and the means to get to Denver) because they don't want any empty seats, so they need to know if anyone who bought a ticket can't go...

This year Denver's ballot initiatives (19 total) are the most that Denver has ever had on a ballot! They also keep changing the format...

I've got to go, but I want to let Ray Ekness know that I have my work samples all ready to send to him & I'm planning on mailing them to him tomorrow!


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