Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interpretations in France

I’m half way through the internship in Perpignan, France. Between trips to local vineyards and castles, as well as a dramatic train ride on a return trip from Paris, I am getting plenty of reporting into my schedule!

I started shooting video for my multimedia story yesterday, and it was very exciting! The lady I interviewed doesn’t speak English, and I don’t speak French, so I had an interpreter with me. I’m thankful for all of her help, but it’s challenging not to be able to depend entirely on myself for an interview. I even had to put the wireless mic on the interpreter and have the interviewee on the boom microphone because we're using the interpreter's voice for the main sound bites. It makes me appreciate reporting in an English-speaking country!

Each of us has written four blogs about our experiences and observations in France. Please feel free to read my posts on www.inperpignan.net. They are entitled, “Timewise,” “American revelation,” “Unstaged,” and “Enough of the ham sandwiches!”

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