Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello from the Lottery!

So we've been pretty busy lately with trying to prepare for the Great Falls and Billings fairs that are coming up. But besides doing things like folding 1500 t shirts in one week and designing posters and other such things we had the madness of a $48.5 million Powerball winner. It was really great to see a press conference from the side of the organization hosting it. But I can truly say I was appalled by the reporting I saw during that time. The first person who got an interview with the winner actually asked her if he could get shots of her digging through a garbage can (the story was that she ripped up the winning ticket and threw it away and later dug it back out and found out it was a winner). I had a major problem with that. First of all why would you want to stage something like that? You're obviously not going to use it in your story! And also, just as a general rule I try NOT to ask strangers to dig through trash cans. That reporter was pretty terrible but at the press conference no one was asking good questions. All they did was repeat the same questions over and over again while expecting a different answer. But the good news is I am now totally confident that I and everyone else in our class can easily get a job as a reporter!

Here are some pictures fromt the Folk Festival:

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