Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chiseling Away

Since I began doing selects for Providence's Year of the Nurse piece, I continued on to edit the entire thing. I think it came together well! I will post it for your viewing pleasure after the chief editor at Chisel goes through it and tightens things up etc.

As soon as I finished my Year of the Nurse edit I got to go on my first location shoot. The shoot was for Montana Lottery--oddly enough Kaelyn's internship. The day of the studio shoot, she came walking down the stairs at Chisel as I was going up, and I was surprised to see a familiar face! I know roughly 3 people in Bozeman, other than my co-workers, so it was great to see someone from school. The next day I worked as a production assistant (although sometimes I wondered if I was just in the way...) and I also helped the art department on two locations for two spots for Montana Lottery. It was really fun to see what everyone on the shoots job entails when shooting an ad, or something that's staged and planned--it's very different from news. But similarly, time is money, and you have to get through takes as fast as possible. We ended up at the first location hours longer than planned, which left us with very little lighting outside for the second location. But luckily we were able to get the shots we needed. The very next day I started selecting the best shots from the shoot so the client could see what we accomplished.

I am fortunate that Chisel gave me the following week off to spend time with my family at my cabin near Thompson Falls, MT. Since I've been back this week, I have been gathering assets (mostly pictures from photo stock sites) for a new website Vanns is launching called We're editing an animated picture promo for the homepage of their website. is similar to, they sell outdoor gear and apparel.

I have two more weeks left at Chisel and then I'll be at, "what am I gonna do with my life?"

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