Friday, May 29, 2009


Hi everyone! I hope your summer has started off great! I am getting ready to make my trip down to California. It will be a two day drive with my six year old nephew and my puppy--anyone want to join? :) The drive should be amazing..I am dropping my nephew off near San Francisco where my brother lives, and I will do a little vacationing there before I head to my mom's in Santa Barbara. Good thing the fires there have subsided! I am almost finished with my background investigation and all that jazz for the Sheriff's Department, only a drug test and finger-printing to go. I feel like I am about to work for the FBI! I am really excited about working there. I should be able to cover things like the SWAT Team and big drug busts along the coast. My other internship is at KCOY Channel 12. They have me producing and editing a few days a week and I get to report on Saturdays! I will have to represent for Montana down there with all those California interns and show them which school is better! I hope you are all off to a great start--sounds like everyone is getting amazing hands on experience!

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